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Your prescription may require certain frame styles and lens treatments to provide a comfortable fit and help you see your best. Our trained opticians will help you select frames and lenses that fit your individual need.
We have tested many frame brands and lens companies and have eliminated the products that wear out or don't have good quality optics. Unless your insurance company specifies otherwise our glasses are fabricated by an independently owned state-of-the art laboratory.

Advances in Eyeglass Lenses

High Index Materials
Provide thinner, lighter lenses than regular plastic lenses. Good for higher prescriptions
Polycarbonate Lenses
Material that provides thinner lenses with superior impact resistance. Ideal for children's and safety glasses
Trivex Lenses
Thinner, lighter lens material with superior impact resistance and the best available optical quality
Digital Lenses
Improvements in lens manufacturing technology allow for a lens design tailored to the individual prescription and frame design, while eliminating lens imperfections and distortions.
Transition Lenses
Clear indoors but darken when exposed to sunlight
Polaroid Lenses
Provide a suntint along with elimination of glare reflecting from flat surfaces such as water and ice.
Blue Lens Filters
Eliminate blue-violet light from electronic devices
Anti Reflective Coatings
Minimize light reflections from lens surfaces. Gives the glasses a more attractive appearance and reduces eye strain. Good for computer users, public speakers and night driving.
Scratch Coatings
The newer lighter plastic lenses scratch more easily than older designs. A scratch coating protects both sides of the lenses and extends the useful life of the lenses.

Eyeglass Lenses for Presbyopia

Most persons after age 40 will require a correction for reading and other near tasks.
Allows good near and distance vision with viewing areas separated by a visible line
Near, intermediate and distance corrections separated by two visible lines
Progressive Addition Lenses
Allows the reader to focus at many different distances, with no lines in the lens.
Reading Glasses
These glasses contain a single power and can be worn by persons who do not need a distance prescription.

Eyeglass Frame Basics

Even with the availability of contact lenses and corrective eye surgery, eyeglasses remain a popular choice. Some frames come with spring hinges which reduce the chance of breakage. Another option are frames that are made with highly flexible metal alloys that can be made thinner and more durable. Frames that are made of titanium or stainless steel are a good option for persons who need hypo-allergenic materials. Rimless styles are available without obvious frames. These involve attaching the temples directly onto the lens rather than attaching to the frame.

Specialty Eyewear

Specialty Eyewear - Vision Products in Goshen IN
Sports - Activity specific frame design, impact resistant lenses and tints to maximize sports performance.
Computer - Lenses set for a specific viewing distance, with tints and coatings to minimize eye strain.
Sunglasses - Modern levels of ultraviolet light have been shown to be damaging to persons of all ages. Sunglasses are essential to good eye health for both children and adults even if you do not require a vision correction.
Safety Eyewear - Specially designed frame and lenses to protect your eyes at work from impact, chemicals and foreign bodies
Our optical area is open during office hours. No appointment is needed. We welcome optical prescriptions from doctors outside our office. We stand behind our products with unique warranties on lens materials, coatings and frames. We provide lifetime adjustment, repair and cleaning of your glasses. We provide free shipping on all orders over fifty dollars if you live more than ten miles from our office. We deliver and adjust glasses at no charge for nursing home patients in the city of Goshen.
Wearing Contact lenses - Contact Lenses in Goshen IN


Advances in contact lens design and materials have made them a clear, comfortable option for many people who require a vision correction. Dr. Clark fits most types of contact lenses-including rigid gas permeable, soft, daily wear, tinted, extended wear, bifocal and disposable.